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Cycling Tips

Sharing The Road

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Ride To The Right. But, Not Too Far Right!

Here are some guidelines that will help you choose the optimum safe position on the road:


  • Most bicycle laws use the same language regarding where cyclists should ride       
  • Directions to ride "as far to the right as practicable" appear in most laws       
  • No clear definition of "practicable" has been identified

  • Do not ride where you're subject to poor road conditions and constant hazards       
  • Give yourself ample room to the right to maneuver in an emergency       
  • Ride in the right third of the lane if there is insufficient room for lane sharing

    Traffic rules       
  • Slower moving vehicles travel to the right of faster moving ones       
  • Motorists are looking for other vehicles in or near the travel lanes, not against curbs       
  • Follow the same rules as motorists, including yielding right-of-way and signaling

    Wide lanes       
  • Ride just to the right of the travel lane to remain visible to other motorists       
  • Ride at least 3 feet from parked cars in all situations; consider this a right-side limit       
  • Always ride in a straight line; do not swerve in and out between parked cars

  • If a lane narrows ahead or is blocked, signal and establish your position in traffic early       
  • Avoid riding where glass and other trash accumulates on the right side of roadways       
  • Avoid grates and gutterpans as they can cause you to crash

    Tip courtesy of the League of American Bicyclists (
  • Sharing The Road

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